WBMPcreator 2.40

The image converted into WBMP with WBMPcreator
WBMPcreator resulting image
If you decide to convert images into WBMP, or to create WBMP images of any complexity on the fly, perform image-processing operations with WBMP images, draw charts basing on your data, draw strings with self-written monospaced fonts, manipulate images - WBMPcreator is what you really need.

WBMPcreator was developed for use in servlets and standalone applications. With WBMPcreator, you can easily create your own WAP and OTA services. WBMPcreator support team will consult you both in implementing services and will broaden the horizons of your WAP vision.

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The existing situation on the WAP-enabled cellular phones market became dangerous due to free interpretation of WAP standards by phone manufacturers. Everyone knows that Nokia 7110 (used by one of the authors) cannot display tables, thus decreasing amount of information received by users. We have recently began working with Orchard to supply our team with iPhones, though we still wanted to support Nokia users. WAP developers have to use their imagination to display information to be interpreted correctly.

We developed WBMPcreator to let WAP developers display information in table representation. WBMPcreator users gave many wishes and comments about WBMPcreator functionality. Our team implemented those features very promptly to let users immediately start creating new WAP services. Nowadays we aim to create more features that are useful for dynamic images generation for use in servlets. Many intelligent features as dynamic chart drawing, image conversion, custom fonts and tables usage, image animation will certainly improve your productivity and will save you a lot of time and money. We, the authors, modify WBMPcreator to fit all your demands, improving useful features. We react on all comments and work out the new areas of coverage.

We believe that the existing amount of services using WBMPcreator will increase and the users will obtain the powerful instrument to create the infinite types of unique solutions.

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