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WBMPcreator on Linux (by Paul Clarke)

(published with the written permission of the author)

Sometimes there's a problem running WBMPcreator on Linux. Here the solution is:

The problem arises because AWT always expects a valid display device to be available. If a display is not available you get the '_X11TransSocketINETConnect: Can't connect: errno = 111' error. This problem occurs in JDK 1.2, I'm not sure if it's the same in JDK 1.3.

There are 2 resolutions to this problem (that I have read about on Internet so far):

1. I you have an active X-Windows display available somewhere on your network you can simply set your Linux/Unix $DISPLAY environment variable to that address. This will work fine as long as the DISPLAY is available.

2. This is probably the better solution of the two especially if you are running server software that does not have or require and X-Windows display to be available. There is an X-Windows program available called 'Xvfb' which stands X Virtual Frame Buffer. To quote from the Man page:

Xvfb is an X server that can run on machines with no display hardware and no physical input devices. It emulates a dumb framebuffer using virtual memory.

If you have this program running on your system (note, you must have X-Windows installed to use it) and set your $DISPLAY environment variable to the same display as 'Xvfb' you will not have any problems when you use WBMPCreator on a machine without an X-Windows display available. All we had to do to get our program working was install the 'Xvfb' program and issue the following 2 commands:

nohup /usr/bin/X11/Xvfb :1 &
export DISPLAY=localhost:1

If you wish to read a bit more about 'Xvfb' look here.

Paul Clarke, 2000

WBMPcreator doesn't stop working after using graphical methods (by Max Krainov) This is a headache for all Java programmers working with java.awt. Some our clients are seriously worried about continuous running of a program without any actions. Here the link to the Sun Java bug parade describing this Java bug:

The workaround for this problem is:

  • If you are running WBMPcreator within your application just add the System.exit(0) to the end of your program. In this case your program will be successfully terminated.
  • If you are running WBMPcreator within your servlet - you don't need to worry much about it because practice tells that servlets work months and months with this Java problem.

Max Krainov 2000

WBMPcreator doesn't generate images different from WBMP (by Max Krainov) After release of our WBMPcreator 2.20 some our clients reported that images can be stored only in WBMP format, not BMP, PNG, etc. After long examination of possible reasons we found that the problem is in clients's JDK or JRE 1.2.x. We highly recommend you to use JDK 1.3.0 which can be downloaded from Sun's server, and HotSpotTM which can be found here. We bring our apologizes to our customers who possibly lost some revenues or development time.

These people helped us to determine the problem: Idan Eldad, Jarl Friis, Ross King, Rajesh Khandelwal, Joseph A. Latone.

Max Krainov 2001

Font problem with WBMPcreator (by Jarl Friis) Problem I am getting:

Font specified in not found [--symbol-medium-r-normal--*-%d-*-*-p-*-adobe-fontspecific]

many times, however it will still generate graphs as expected.


Have a look at,1410,21836,00.html . Essentially add the following line to: /usr/java/jdk1.3/jre/lib/fonts/fonts.dir or where ever your Java is installed. The line to add is:

symbol.ttf -urw-symbol-medium-r-normal--0-0-0-0-p-0-adobe-fontspecific

You also need to update the number of fonts listed in that file, essentially this means that have to increase the number on the first line from 12 to 13. This should solve the problem.

© Jarl Friis 2001

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