WBMPcreator users responses

Stale Walderhaug


I have noticed that many of you out there are using IIS/Chili! and ASP to produce your wml-code. Just want to share some experience. I've been using Max's WBMPcreator for some time. After a lot of trouble using php3-4/ activeperl/ perlmagik/ imagemagik/ gd etc etc on win2k server, WBMPcreator was like a dream. Install JRUN, WBMPcreator, write a java-servlet and you are up and running. Btw, WAP Shareware team is very helpful and professional.

Espen Lyngaas


Can we all stop whining about problems with WAP, please? Someone mentioned the 7110's problem with not being able to show tables. So what? Make the tables yourself. This Java API does about a hundred different things, but it also creates tables by generating a "virtual" table as a WBMP.

Mike Tsoros


I have purchased the registered version of WBMPCreator a short while ago and I have to admit that it was worth the $350!

... 5 months later ...

I'd also like you to know that your software (with the help of my company) has been, for nearly two months now, a proud component of the WAP Stock solution offered by one of the largest Telecommunications companies in Greece. For me personally, it has been an invaluable asset in developing stock charts for the target I just mentioned. Thank you once again for your support!

Personal thanks to:

Mr. Stale Walderhaug (special thanks)
Mr. Francesco Falcone
Mr. Alexander Bassakidis 
Mr. Mike Tsotros
Mr. Janne Vaanenen
Mr. Geir Arnesen
Mr. Paul Clarke (special thanks)
Mrs. Elena Zapatero
Mr. Thorsteinn Traustason
... and to many others who participated in testing WBMPcreator

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